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Welcome to my family....

This is the ongoing site for information for the Hughes/Boehm Family, its ancestors and its descendants. It is my sincere hope and prayer that family visiting this site might consider sharing information, pictures, and family anecdotes not yet published here. My primary purpose for building this site has always been and will continue to be "restorative and giving" I simply want to bless my family and continue the work started by family members like William Dryden Boehm, Margaret (Smith) Boehm, Clyde Mac Pearce, and Oline Strand. While I've recently stumbled on some fascinating "famous relatives" my focus is still on those strong men and women of faith who made it possible for me to enjoy the quality of life and the freedom I currently have.


All pictures, art, writings attributable to and or inspired by my living family members is used by permission, protected by copyright and not for profit.

Most recent update August 7, 2016


 Left to Right: Eric, Dave, Katie, Fred, Tammy on Easter 2015

As with any "hobby" I am not a professional genealogist and don't even consider myself an amature in the field. I just love my family, the whole sprawling extended messy lot of you. So if you see mistakes, have additional or conflicting information or even spot spelling errors, please do not hesitate to contact me. Correction is one way we all learn. Peace. 


Our Inheritance

Our inheritance is not limited to what is handed down to us genetically from our ancestors. Our inheritance can be what Christ provided for us if we believe the Word and expect it to work.

Peggy Joyce Ruth

Fred and Katie

We are incredibly blessed to announce the wedding of our older son, Fred Boehm to his beautiful wife, Kathryn Elizabeth Durante of Vanderwagon NM. The couple were married on May 6, 2015 in Albuquerque, NM by Fred's long time youth Pastor David Eiffert. Katie is the daughter of Dava (Techlenburg) and Augustus Durante. 

Left to Right: David, Jennifer, Dava Durante, Katie (Durante) Boehm, Auggie Durante, Fred, Tammy, David, Eric Boehm.


Current Familial Obsession: the Boehms

As of Mother's Da, 5/11/14 I am currently working on uploading/updating the Boehm Family page here on this site. William Dryden Boehm and Margaret (Smith) Boehm have shared some amazing information on this family and although we haven't been able to find any Boehms prior to the 1850's - what we do have is truly a legacy. I am humbled to share it here. Keep visiting for more details, information and pictures. 


A special thank you to my father, Ron Hughes' cousin Wayne Braun for sharing his extensive collection of photos for the Rindahl Strand families. I have uploaded a few new pictures on pages and hope to share more of these pictures as time permits in weeks to come. 

I have also been contacted by the Baukol Family and am very excited to speak with them further about an amazing legacy project they have under way on the family homestead farm in South Dakota.


Like a Tree - page updates

  • Famous Faces - Updated 08/15/12
  • The Boehm Family - Updated 05/12/14
  • Betty Howland - dedicated to my Aunt Betty - updated 05/29/10
  • The Joslins - Tammy's maternal family - added 05/29/10
  • The Keeley Family - Tammy's paternal family - added 07/12/10
  • Charlotte (Nelson) Lindquist - Tammy's maternal Grandmother - updated 09/23/11
  • The Elusive McNeils - collected pictures and writing for Tammy's maternal family updated 05/26/10
  • The Nelson Family
  • The Williams Family - NEW PAGE ADDED 05/12/14 -updated 05/17/14
  • Axness Nelson History 
  • Olsen Pladstr History
  • Rindal Storusten History - updated 05/09/14
  • Strand Odegaard History - updated 05/09/14
  • Strand Axness main page - added 07/04/10 
  •       Knute Strand/Christine Axness memoirs
  •       Recollections - history of the Rindahl(Rindal)  family as recounted by Oline Strand - added 06/04/10
  •       Sketchy Memories of By Gone years as recounted by Oline Strand - updated 05/26/10
  • Our Military Heroes - updated 09/23/11
  • Surname List - compilation list of all recorded family members as of 09/23/11
  • Valdres Norway - information on the Valdres region of Norway and the Bygdelag Movement - added 05/31/10
  • Random Family Crests - added 05/29/10
  • Shaking the Tree - Journal entries and thoughts regarding geneology research 09/03/11
  • Brick Walls - my collected geneological "dead ends" - no pun intended - 09/03/11
  • Saying Goodbye - NEW PAGE 09/03/11 - collected thoughts and poems for those who've passed on

pages coming soon

  • The Bliss family - & Mary Bliss Parsons - Salem witch?
  • The Davis Famly 
  • The Lee line 
  • The Pfundts of Germany 
  • The Secords
  • The Hughes family
  • Common Ancestors - the further we go back the closer we are related
  • Royal lines and mythologies  
  • DNA studies 
  • My own story - TL Boehm  

WANTED: Your Page Ideas

If you would like to see a topical page, spotlight an individual, family group, surname or historical item - please let me know. I am always searching for ideas to build this website. Leave a comment in my guestbook letting me know you were here or contact me at



My Sincerest thanks to:

  • David, Eric and Fred Boehm for their tolerance while I log massive hours catalogueing the deceased.  
  • Margaret Boehm for sharing her extensive collection of photos and documents for the Black Family 
  • William Dryden Boehm for sharing his memoirs of the Boehm Family
  • Wayne and Suzie Braun for their encouragement in getting the Rindahl Strand Family History posted on this site. 
  • Bruce Brereton for his research on the Brereton Family. You can contact Bruce at Brereton Family History
  • Barbara (Lindquist) Davis (divorced: Hughes) for her collection of Davis and Nelson photographs 
  • Sharon Davis for uncovering the Henigan connection in the Davis family
  • Allen Evans for information on the Pearce/Rowe Family
  • Barbara Grantor for her additional information on Rollo the Ganger & William the Conqueror
  • Vicki Grorud for her work on the Rindal Family
  • Elizabeth May (Hughes) Howland for providing information on the Hughes Family
  • William (Bill) Hughes for sharing photos and priceless memorabilia of the Hughes and Keeley families   
  • Robert Foraker (Bob) Keeley for sharing his information of the Keeley Family
  • Clyde Mac Pearce for his original compilation of the Pearce family tree - my copy passed down from my maternal great grandparent Hazel (Williams) Nelson.
  • Ann Marie (Pfundt) Middleton for sharing her genealogy of the Pfundt/Pfund families
  • Oline Gurine Rindahl/Strand for her original Rindahl Strand Family History c 1977 - more pages coming soon.
  • Diane J Smith for her research on the Hughes/Pancoast Boone families
  • Michael Stroup for sharing his extensive research on the Stroup (Hudspeth) family
  • Jeannie Viaviani for her information on the Hughes/Keeley/Secord families as of July 2010
  • Margaret Wolf - descendent of the Axness Family for sharing her genealogy of the Axness/Strand families.


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